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100HL Fermentation Tank Ship To Australia Brewery

2019-07-06 10:36

100HL Fermentation Tank Ship To Australia Brewery


Beer Fermentation Tank/Unitank also be called cylindrical conical tank(CCTs),
fermentation vessel (FV
s), primary fermentor or unitanks as they are used
both for fermenting and lagering.

Fermenting is the process during which the yeast transforms the wort into beer.


Lagerings takes place after fermenting and is the time given to the beer to
stabilize and age after fermenting.


Glycol cooling jacket


Adjustable foot pad

CIP arm

Rotating racking port

Discharge arm


Pressure gauge


Sample valve


CO2 blow-off arm

Level tube

Dry hopping port

Carbonation device


These 100HL stainless steel fermenter can be individually temperature controlled though
glycol jackets and are equipped with accessories such as over-pressure and u
nder pressure valve(PVRV), CIP arm, sanitary sample valve, manway, c
arbonation port with stone etc.

They are shipped to Australia Micobrewery.
Tiantai beer equipment is more and more popular in Australia including home brew,
small brewery, mico brewery, brew pub, brew restaurant etc.

Some more details help you learn more about our quality and services.

Sample Valve

Heavy-Duty Legs

Fermenter Interior Finish

Pressure relief and vacuum valve



Tiantai, Your Honest Brewery Builder.

Looking forward to providing you more professional services for your beer brewing project.


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