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Tiantai Mash Tun Lauter tun Beer Brewhouse Equipment

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Tiantai Mash Tun Lauter tun Beer Brewhouse Equipment Introduction:
Brewhouse equipment including: Mash tun, Lauter tun, Kettle tun and Whirlpool tun. It can be 2 vessels, 
3 vessels, 4 vessels, 5 vessels, etc. This design is mostly used for large commercial breweries to
do continuous brew per day.

Work Flow Process In 4-Vessels Brewhouse 
Mashing is the process of combining a mix of milled grain and water and heating this mixture in a vessel called a "mash tun". Second process, you need transfer the mixture of grain and wort into Lauter tun. You can get clear wort from this vessel. Thirdly, let’s pump the clear wort into a vessel named Kettle, in which will happen many key process including: wort boiling(usually 60 minutes), hops adding. At the end of the boil, the wort will be pushed into a separate whirlpool tank, forcing the denser solids (coagulated proteins, vegetable matter from hops) into a cone in the center of the Whirlpool tank.

4-Vessels Brewhouse Configuration 

1 4-Vessels Brewhouse Unit Mash tun 800L (with 25% head space) Top mounted manhole
Steam Jacket for optional
Lauter 800L (with 25% head space) Side mounted grain outdoor with grain chute
Laser cutting V-wire False Bottom
Kettle tun 800L (with 30% head space) Steam heating
Sanitary leveling sight glass
Steam condensor
Whirlpool tun 800L (with 25% head space) Top mounted manhole
Tangential whirlpool inlet
Yeast feeder 10L Tri clamp aeration port with ball valve
Heat exchanger 8m2
(Effective area)
Completely 304 SS Corrugated plates
Wort Pump 3m3/h, ABB, Sanitary SUS304, VFD control
Pipe and fittings As design completely SS304, Work Platform is included

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Product Name: Tiantai Mash Tun Lauter tun Beer Brewhouse Equipment




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